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Meet Owner and Founder Ben Blasi

Hey Ben! It's awesome to meet you, and congratulations on completing your freshman year at Carlsbad High School. It's great to see that you're not just excelling in your studies but also pursuing your passion for volleyball. Playing both club and high school volleyball must keep you pretty busy, but it's fantastic to see your dedication and love for the sport.

I heard that you've recently started your own company called Servin' Swag, and I have to say, I'm really impressed. It's not every day that you come across young entrepreneurs like yourself who have the vision and drive to create something unique. The fact that you identified a gap in the market for athletic pants that cater specifically to the tall, slim physique of volleyball players shows your keen observation skills and understanding of the sport.

I love that you're all about bringing swagger to the court. Indoors and on the beach. Your passion for the game shines through in your dedication to designing athletic wear that not only functions well but also looks stylish. It's important for athletes to feel confident and comfortable in what they wear, and your products seem to hit the mark perfectly.

Starting a business at your age is no small feat, Ben. You've taken the initiative and turned your passion into a tangible venture. I have no doubt that with your determination and entrepreneurial spirit, you'll go far. I'm excited to see how Servin' Swag grows and what exciting developments you have in store for the future. Keep up the fantastic work, and remember to always pursue your dreams with enthusiasm and perseverance.

CMO, Devika Blasi

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Devika brings 25 years of Marketing Experience to the team. She also has a background in apparel design with training in Paris, FIT and Glamour Magazine as well as attending Kellogg School of Management.  As an small business owner herself, she has been interviewed for multiple publications on Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

SoCal Cup Showcase

Be sure to stop by our booth at the SoCal Cup Showcase, June 14-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We'll have all three styles available for a special price along with some other cool swag. Ask about customization for your team! Use code socal20 for 20% off your on-line purchase!

SoCal Cup VB

OC Crown

We're excited to be a part of the upcoming Bad Boys OC Crown Grass Tournament in Long Beach June 22-23. Stop by the booth to pick up a pair of event exclusive logo pants!

Bad Boys Open VB

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